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Visual appearance of the plant

Lupins are a small bushy plant generally growing to about 1m depending on the season They are a dark green plant with thin leaves which produce white flowers in the spring. The Lupins are formed in a pod not dissimilar to a large pod of peas.

The plants dry off to a golden brown colour at the end of spring and produce a seed with white shell with a yellow centre similar in size to a large pea.

Usage on Glenvar

Lupins have been grown at Glenvar since 1981. Today it consists of 25% of the arable acres and up to 4000T are produced annually.  They are a legume which are extremely valuable in fixing Nitrogen back into the soil for the growing of cereals.

Today they are typically grown one in every four years on Glenvar and in recent years have provided an additional income with the sale of the chaff and straw produced form the lupin plant itself.

In early years problems were experienced with disease levels in Lupins however extended rotations, new varieties and good management have ensured they remain a valuable tool in the rotation.

At Glenvar Bellara lupins have been the favoured variety in recent years. In our region they are typically harvested in November.

Uses for the seed

Lupins are predominantly used as an input into animal feed although also have limited use in the human consumption market. They are very high in nutrient and are therefore a valuable feed source.

There is a substantial local and export market for Lupins.